Pastor/Elder-Led, Deacon-Served, Congregationally-Governed


There is obviously more than one way for a church to structure itself.  

Crossroads has adopted a model that we believe is very close to what you'll find in the New Testament.  
We have multiple men who have the responsibility of shepherding the congregation (Elders). Only one is financially compensated -- our Lead Pastor -- but all are considered pastors of the church but we most often call them our Elders.  These men love the Lord and love people. They would love to meet and get to know you and be able to pray for your needs.

We have a second group of men who focus on the needs of people and

the stewardship of our facilities and other properties.  These men are our Deacons.  They faithfully and selflessly serve the congregation under the direction of the Elders.

Whenever major decisions about hiring full-time staff or property purchases or building projects come up, we go to the congregation and ask the members of the church to express their

opinions and make a final determination.  Changes in our governing documents
can only be made with the consent of the congregation.

Elder-Led.  Deacon-Served.  Congregationally-Governed.

  • Ken Dalton

    Ken Dalton

    Ken has served as the Lead Pastor of Crossroads for 25 years.  He Is married to Vanessa and they have 3 married children and 11 grandchildren.  Ken is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth.  He loves making Christ known through the teaching of God's Word.  Ken has been in local church ministry for almost 50 years.  

  • Jim Burgin

    Jim is married to Ann.  They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  A Tennessee native, Jim and his family were among the first ones to be a part of Crossroads when it started in 1990. He is involved in several local businesses and is a North Carolina State Senator.  On Sunday mornings, Jim shares a welcome and announcements with those in our worship services.


  • Jeff Dillon

    Jeff is married to Michelle.  A native North Carolinian, the Army brought him back to his home state.  They have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Jeff is a pilot, flying both for the US Army and for a local company.  He leads our Men's Ministry group and excels in Scripture memorization and encouraging others in their Christian walk.


  • Ran Dollinger

    Ran is married to Aby. Ran is originally from Pennsylvania and Aby is from Virginia.  Ran had a long career as a chaplain in the US Army.  They have 4 children, 5 grandchildren, and 2 great grand children.  Ran is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.  He teaches Greek and Bible at Carolina College of Biblical Studies and regularly teaches within our church.


  • Marion Hobbs

    Marion is married to Ann. They have 3 sons and 2 grandchildren.  Marion has lived his life here in Harnett County and is known for his faithful and hard work as a farmer, builder, and mail-carrier.  Marion has taken many mission trips over the years -- he has a special love for the people of Armenia. He is also involved in doing disaster recovery work. Everyone knows Marion as a great encourager of others.


  • Howard Lucas

    Howard is married to Sharon. They have 2 children (one is deceased) and 2 grandchildren. Howard is a graduate of Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga and has served for many years as a pastor.  He is a retired US Army Chaplain.  Howard teaches Bible and Hebrew at Carolina College of Biblical Studies and also regularly teaches within Crossroads.


  • List Item

    Rick Stafford is our newest Elder.  Rick and Martha moved back to Harnett County after a busy career in the US Army took them to many different places over the years.  Rick is an accountant, by training, and continues to work now as a civilian in the military community.  He loves the Lord deeply and has become a gifted small group Bible Study leader in the church.  One of Rick's passions is to help people develop wisdom in money management for their own joy and for the sake of the Kingdom.



In the early church when widows and orphans needed food, they called out men who could make sure these families were loved and cared for.  At Crossroads, we continue that pattern of seeking out men with servant-hearts, willing to take on tasks that build up the fellowship and meet practical needs in the life of the church.

We are grateful for all our Deacons, led by Tim Ramann, and for the continuing example they are to the rest of the Body
in Christ-like service.  Our Deacons work as partners with and under the direction of the Elders.