life groups

Life-transformation is most likely to occur in a small group setting. Some things are best experienced in a big crowd -- like a football game, a rally, or even Sunday morning worship! But, where do we let down our guard and start to talk about what is really going on in life? It’s when we’re with a trusted friend or a few people who are going to encourage us and support us in what we are facing.

Whether you choose a Community Group (relationship and fellowship centered), or a Discipleship Group (content and curriculum driven), or find a person who will do one on one discipleship with you, you’ll start to notice real growth is taking place in your life. Your best opportunity for true growth and positive spiritual change will be realized as combine the power of large-group worship and small-group experiences. 

L.I.F.E. Groups (Living In Fellowship Everyday) meet all around the county, at a variety of times and days. Led by people just like you, they are focused on building our relationship with each other and God. They are  groups that build a safe environment where you can share in confidence what is going on in your life, knowing that your friends will be praying for you throughout the week.  Some do a deep-dive into Scripture and others are not as in-depth in their studies.  Look around, try out a couple of groups, and find your place in the community of faith.

For more information on LIFE Groups that are currently meeting, check in with Ken Dalton -