We use 4 words to describe what we believe the christian life is. Love, grow, serve, go.

we invite you to join us as we learn to walk in Christ and give glory to god in all things!



We are loved by God! As you come to know Jesus, you want to worship the Lord and love Him in return. The Lord also teaches us to love each other and those around us with the love that puts in our lives. The implications of loving God and loving people are almost endless.  We believe we will spend the rest of our lives learning and experiencing the depths of God's love.  As we love Him in return, He teaches us to love others as we are loved by Him!



Get involved in studying the Bible and take it as the authority for your life. Join a Small Group and be changed. Learn how to pray and to hear God in your life. Develop a habit of personal and corporate worship. Find the joy of fellowship with God's people. Discover generosity as a lifestyle. Be obedient to God’s Word in all things!

In God's kingdom


God gives you talents, gifts, resources by which you can serve Him and others for God’s Glory! In the church and in the community, we serve because Jesus, our Lord, served and He has called us to serve Him in serving others.  Jesus went so far as to say that greatness in the Kingdom of God is measured by the level of humble service in which we are willing to engage.

into the world


Jesus pushed his followers to move out beyond their comfortable circle of friends. He calls us to take the message of God’s Grace & Mercy to people everywhere -- in Harnett County and to the world! There might be a time when that involves intentional going (like on a mission trip), but the vast number of opportunities are in daily and seasonal going -- living out our lives as people who are always on mission for our King.