Churches, like people, have personalities and unique traits. We take God seriously, believing real life is found in Jesus Christ.  We believe meaning is found in obedience to His words, which we can read in the Bible.  And, we believe that God’s desire for Crossroads can be summed up in four words -- Love, Grow, Serve, Go!


LOVE:  We are loved by God! As you come to know Jesus, you want to worship the Lord and love Him in return.
The Lord also teaches us to love each other and those around us with the love that puts in our lives.

GROW:  Get involved in studying the Bible and take it as the authority for your life. Join a Small Group and be changed. Learn how to pray and to hear God in your life.  Be obedient to God’s Word.

SERVE:  God gives you talents, gifts, resources by which you can serve Him and others for God’s Glory! In the church and in the community, we serve because Jesus, our Lord, served!

GO! Jesus pushed his followers to move out beyond their comfortable circle of friends. He calls us to take the message 
of God’s Grace & Mercy to people everywhere -- in Harnett County and to the world!

Our Values

It’s not about us. 
God’s Kingdom and His purposes are more important than any one church’s or individual’s agenda. We will pursue the Father’s heart in all matters.

All people matter to God and to us. 
Just as Jesus loved every person He encountered, we will seek to love them and accept them as He does, seeking to lead them to a faith-commitment to Christ.

Life-transformation best takes place in a small-group setting. 
We will not only provide large-group worship experiences for people, we will do everything we can to 
provide life-changing small groups, where people can experience genuine, New Testament community. 

God’s Word has transforming power. 
We are determined to communicate it as clearly and widely as possible, 
teaching people how to spiritually feed themselves. 

 True disciples and churches always multiply. 
Multiplication is a sign of life. Disciples produce disciples who multiply and churches 
giving birth to churches which give birth to new churches. 

 Christ-followers are servants. 
Just as Jesus served, He calls us to serve. He defined greatness as being humble servants of others.