2017 Sabbatical for the Pastor

Our Elders have approved and the congregation has affirmed an application for a grant from the Lilly Foundation for a 4 month sabbatical for Lead Pastor Ken Dalton in 2017.  The Sabbatical, as envisioned and discussed, is being funded by a grant from the Lilly Foundation.  They annually award up to 120 grants of up to $50,000 (35k to the pastor and 15k to the church).

The Elders have asked Howard Lucas to serve as our interim pastor during the time that Ken and Vanessa are away (mid-May to mid-September).  A detailed timeline and preaching schedule will soon be made available.  We are excited about both what God will do in Ken & Vanessa's lives and in our church, because of this unique opportunity.

The links below are to two documents, if you would like to read more.  The first is the text of the report to the congregation, read by Jim Burgin on Sunday, April 10.  The second document is the full text of the application narrative that was submitted to the Lilly Foundation.  Please note that clicking on the link will download the Word Document to your computer.  You will then need to go to downloads to open up the document.

Elder Recommendation

Grant Narrative Submission

Ken will be posting pictures and writing reflections on what he and Vanessa are experiencing and learning from the Lord at kenadalton.com

The blog also contains a fairly detailed itinerary, so you can keep up with where Ken & Vanessa are and how you can be praying for them.