Crossroads is led by a team of Elders.  This Biblical model of church leadership place high expectations on these men to walk closely with the Lord and look to Scripture as the authority for our beliefs, values, decisions and priorities. Even the men who do not have formal theological training are expected to be able to stand and teach God's Word when needed and called upon.  These men love the Lord and love people.  They would love to meet and get to know you
and be able to pray for your needs.

  • Ken dalton

  • Jim Burgin

  • Jeff Dillon

  • Howard Lucas

  • Marion Hobbs


In the early church, the Apostles could meet most of the needs for just a little while, then they realized that their time in preparing to teach God's Word and for praying were being greatly diminished by the demands of the congregation.  The solution the Lord led the church to adopt was to call out additional men who would serve the people and the church.

We call those men Deacons -- it is from a Greek word that means "to kick up dust".  It was the picture of a servant, rushing back and forth, taking care of people.

Crossroads is fortunate to have such a Godly group of men who serve the Lord and His people.

  • Blaze Cameron

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  • Ron Fisher, JR.

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  • Jim Hartman

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  • Tim Ramann

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  • Philip Spence

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  • Glen Starling

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  • Tim Stauffer

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  • Keith Turlington

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